Building Information Modeling (BIM) Process



   W. G. Welch Mechanical (WGW) offers customers the advantage of a Building Information Modeling (BIM) process that is managed and operated by our construction personnel.  WGW uses the latest software to create three dimensional models for coordination, fabrication and installation.  This process combined with WGW’s experience in the construction industry streamlines the construction of a project by eliminating collisions with other trades and allows us to identify collisions and work through any clash detection issues digitally, rather than on the jobsite.  The BIM model becomes a three-dimensional visual aid that is used to schedule construction priorities.  These models allow us to precisely locate underground start points, wall sleeves, hanger locations and other mechanical and plumbing components.  Material lists and shop fabrications are then electronically derived from the model to help eliminate waste and speed construction.

Freedom High School

   The video above visually explains how we constructed Freedom High School Addition in Woodbridge, VA. This project was constructed by W. G./Welch.